Richard Dunne Proud Moment! The way it should be! Releasing a Pike back into the water Godfrey Donohue with a cracker. March 2009 Rory McAllorum with a fiting fit February Pike Mickey McKenna 10lb 08oz boat caught Pike Esox word of Celtic origin related to the Welsh eog and Irish Gaelic iach (salmon)

The Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs (IFPAC) is a body representing Pike Anglers in Ireland, North and South.

Welcome to the IFPAC Website.

Pike & Coarse Angling Bye Laws

In the interest of conservation it is recommended that all pike be returned alive to the water

The following laws have been introduced to conserve our pike and coarse fish stocks. Breaches of these laws could lead to the confiscation of rods, boats and tackle. Heavy fines can also be ...

Educational Conservation Leaflet

The Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs wishes to announce the publication of an educational 'pike angling conservation leaflet'. It is our hope that information contained within the leaflet, will provide experienced and inexperienced anglers ...

Become A Waterkeeper

Club and private waterkeepers perform a vital role in keeping waters free from pollution, netting and illegal angling. Section 294 of the Fisheries Consolidation Act 1959 establishes that any person may be appointed to be a Private Waterkeeper. Of course certain conditions must apply before such appointment ...