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1.0 The Pike Resource  

The Pike

By Kieran Morrissey
1.2 History of Pike in Ireland By David Hamill
1.3 Geographical Spread of Pike in Ireland By John Chambers
1.4 Current Status of Pike Stocks By John Chambers
1.5 Biology of Pike Stocks By David Hamill
2.0 Factors Impacting on the Pike Resource  
2.1 Pollution By Paul Byrne
2.2 Pike Culling By David Hamill
2.3 Pike Transfer By David Hamill
2.4 Pike Disease By Kieran Morrissey
2.5 Poaching By John Chambers
2.6 Cormorants By John Crudden
2.7 Poor Enforcement of Pike Bye Laws By John Chambers
2.8 Poor Pike Angler Representation on Fishery Boards By John Chambers
3.0 Recreational Value of Pike Angling  
3.1 The Pike Angler By John Chambers
3.2 Pike Angling Clubs By John Chambers
3.3 Pike Angler Numbers By John Chambers
4.0 Economic Value of Pike Angling  
4.1 Number of Visiting Tourists By Alan Broderick
4.2 Tourist Pike Angler Spend By Alan Broderick
4.3 Domestic Pike Angler Spend By Alan Broderick
4.4 Value of Lost Pike Angling Revenue to the Economy By Alan Broderick
4.5 The Future - Where to from here? By Alan Broderick
5.0 Interaction of Pike with Other Fish Species By John Chambers
6.0 Options for Future Management and Development of the Resource  
6.1 Cessation of Pike Removal By David Hamill
6.2 Transfer of Pike By David Hamill
6.3 New Pike Bye Laws By D. Hamill & J. Chambers
6.4 Better Enforcement of New Pike Bye Laws By Brendan Taaffe
6.5 Section 294 Waterkeepers By David Hamill
6.6 Better Pike Angler Representation on Fishery Boards By David Hamill
6.7 More Pike Angler Consultation with Fishery Boards By John Chambers
6.8 Better Water Quality By David Hamill
6.9 Best Angling Practices  
(A) - Closed Season By Kevin Andrews
(B) - Hooks and Unhooking By David Hamill
(C) - Code of Conduct By David Hamill
(D) - Code of Practice By David Hamill
6.10 Section 14 Exemptions to be Abolished By David Hamill
6.11 Proper Recognition as Pike as a First Rate Sport Fish By Alan Broderick
6.12 Education of Junior Anglers By John Crudden
6.13 Better Control of Cormorants By John Crudden
6.14 Better Funding for Research into Pike Diseases By Kieran Morrissey
6.15 Promote Fly Fishing for Pike By David Hamill
6.16 Seek support for Marketing from Pike Organisations By David Hamill
6.17 Coarse Fish Protection By David Hamill
6.18 Public Awareness By David Hamill
7.0 Performance Indicators By Ray Bergin
8.0 Appendix  


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