The Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs


The photographs on this page depict the reality of what happens to any wildlife i.e. birds or fish that come into contact with "Gillnets" in the name of "Stock Management". Those that do not perish while struggling in the nets are almost certain to suffer as a consequence of being pulled or cut free by fishery board staff. The Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs condemns this barbaric practice.

We also in turn commend the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board for its welcome decision in March 2004 to cease using gillnets. We would ask that the two remaining Fisheries Boards that still use gillnets, namely the Western Regional Fisheries Board and the North Western Regional Fisheries Board now end their use of gillnets and the associated annual slaughter. It must also be noted that there is a growing awareness that the practice of gillnetting raises serious concern regarding issues of safety, health and welfare and the possible risks to water users and anglers from the largely unsupervised use of nets. Click here for the gillnet fact sheet.

-----------------------This practice must stop!!!-----------------------





























Note: Most of these pictures where taken in the spring of 2003













Gillnets used by Coarse fish Poachers on Lough Derravaragh
in October 2004




















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