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Illegal Fishing - what you can do

It was agreed at the meeting of IFPAC, the NCFFI and the Coarse Angling Action Group on the 10th of April to carry out a campaign to seek the introduction of bye laws that protect all coarse fish including pike. Consequently, a letter was sent to each TD and Senator on 18th of April last, to ask for support.

In short we presented our reasoning for a request for ‘catch & release’ bye laws to be introduced. Replies received to date from the Minister of State, Mr. John Browne TD, indicate that bag limits are currently being proposed by the Fisheries Management Executive of the Regional Boards.

While we respect the time and effort taken to propose new laws and recognise the immediate if not sooner need, there are serious concerns that bag limits at this time will fail to create the necessary mind shift that will see angling going forward in a positive way in a number of areas. These areas can be categorised within the four headings in the letter.

As anglers, you are asked for your help. Please read the letter and if you agree with the reasoning, please also make contact with your local TD and/or Senator now and ask that this issue and that of enforcement and penalties/fines for the good of Irish angling and all anglers in Ireland is pursued successfully. Edit the letter and add your own name and address.

Anglers who visit Ireland from other countries to fish who also read this message are asked to contemplate making contact with a TD within the area you visit most while holidaying here and to support us. Contact details for TD’s can be found here.

Parliamentary Questions:

The following questions were raised in Dail Eireann (the Irish parliament) in response to pressure from individual anglers, clubs and representative bodies. Keep angling issues in the minds of our public representatives - contact them regularly.

Dail Eireann Parlimentary Question - 28 March 2006

Dail Eireann Parlimentary Question - 6 April 2006

Dail Eireann Parlimentary Question - 27 April 2006


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